Fill Stitches

The chain stitch is the perfect embroidery stitch for filling large areas and also smaller ones. It is usually used for lines, but if you work it in rows or spirals, you can indeed fill out all kinds of shapes with it.

Filling stitch is a generic term for surface stitches that are used to fill in specific parts of a design or the grounding around a design. There is no one specific stitch known as a 'filling stitch'. Instead there are many stitches used for filling, including cross stitch, fishbone stitch, satin stitch and tent stitch.

Chain stitch is great for outlines and lettering, but also for filling. Rows of Chain stitches placed close to each other create a pleasing surface that can fully cover the fabric. The possibilities of Chain stitch for filling are endless: The lines of Chain stitches can be straight, wavy, or go in circles.

This simple stitch is very versatile, great for outlining, and also for filling. Chain stitch is very handy when you have to embroider flowing, curvy lines.To work the chain stitch as a filling, stitch multiple rows close together, spacing them so that no fabric shows between the rows.